VSAT Internet

At InfomAge, we are dedicated to bringing reliable, cost effective and high speed Internet via satellite to customers in Africa. Through partnering world’s best Satellite fleets over African, we will provide you a reliable connectivity solutions designed for both small and larger organizations. We have earned a reputation for being reliable, stead fast and delivering stable Internet services that will be there when you need them to work. InfomAge provides high quality Internet via satellite connectivity with a reliable 24/7 support for the following categories

This category is appropriate for small offices, homes and field offices, forex and health institutions. Usually the volume of download is limited or quota based. The hardware and monthly cost is minimal. In order to reduce cost to the costumer, installation is “ Do It Yourself”.

This category is appropriate for medium offices, learning institutions, regional organization offices as well as governmental offices. Usually customers in this category require higher quality Internet connectivity for their business applications.

Customers in this category require dedicated and highly stable connectivity. They may be large businesses, corporations, Multi-national Organizations and governments. Other than internet, customers in this category may require Mesh networks, Voice and video conferencing and other over the net crucial applications.

Please get in touch with us and we will advise you the best possible solutions for your organization.