Why InfomAge
1. Competitive Pricing

Infomage took a lot of considerations to provide the best price in the market without compromising quality. We looked into all the costs related in providing the service to customer and took measures to either eliminate or reduce the cost.

2. Unmatched Technical Support

Support (Other than our technical team in Nairobi, InfomAge trained and maintains local installers and onsite support technicians. By working with them, we reduced the cost and time related to providing support to our customers.

3. Experience in the industry

The key personnel at InfomAge have over a decade of hands on experience with the industry. We have unmatched understanding in working hard to access countries in African. We are either present or have access to most difficult countries to ICT services.

4. Complete ICT solutions under one roof.

If its ICT related then, you are at the right place. From Satellite based internet connectivity to wholesale voip traffic to Software development to IT consultancy service, Once you speak with us we will understand your requirements.

5. Honest and Reliability

We have been in this industry long enough to know the difference of what customers “need” and what they “want”. We will advise you so that you go for the best option for your organization. We need you to be with us long time, so we will not play around games.